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Description of the book - Fuse Box

Fuse Box - Design
Fuse Box - Conductive Lines

Page Content

The children push Ducky through the window of the small building. Inside the building Ducky can open the locked door. There the children discover a fuse box with a big tangle of cables. They have to press the two buttons directly connected to the fuse box to activate the emergency generator. Here, the reader has to press the right two buttons to activate the emergency generator.

Interaction between Book and Reader

The reader finds four buttons below the fuse box. Now, he has to help the children to find the two cables directly connected to the fuse box. If the reader identifies the correct lines and presses the buttons, the flash signal appears in the display indicating that the generator is starting.

The Printed Electronic Elements Behind

The magnet of the pocket lamp has no impact here. The button B and D closes the electric current between the printed battery and the 2D electrochromic display. The display shows the flash signal.

Benefit of the Printed Electronic Elements

Here, the reader has to follow very carefully the cables to identify the right ones. In contrast to the interactive element “Hidden Light Switch”, where the reader moves the pocket ramp randomly over the page, here the reader is guided by the cables. The interaction increases the identification of the reader with the book.