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Description of the book - Hidden Light Switch

Hidden Light Switch - Design
Hidden Light Switch - Conductive Lines

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The power supply of the village still fails. Therefore the children are looking for another reason and arrive at a small building of a hydroelectric power plant. They illuminate the building by using their pocket lamps and find a clue. The name of the small building can be seen.

Interaction between Book and Reader

The reader has to search the area with his pocket lamp. By putting the pocket lamp on the right side of the door the display shows the name of the building “Emergency Power”.

The Printed Electronic Elements Behind

The magnet of the pocket lamp closes the magnet switch hidden on the right side of the door and closes the electric current between the printed battery and the electrochromic display. The display shows the word “Emergency Power”.

Benefit of the Printed Electronic Elements

Here, the reader is part of the story and has to help the children to find the clue. To search for the hidden switch is a lot of fun. The interaction lets the reader feel as being part of the book. The relationship to the book characters gets stronger.